Testimonial from Martin Gilmore

Working with Sharon on The Passion Test has been incredibly useful and illuminating.

As a freelancer in the creative industries, I have often taken non-creative roles, to maintain regularity of work and income. Over an extended period of time, this juggling of various activities can easily lead to losing sight of ones real passions and desires for a happy and truly fulfilling work life and career. You can get side-tracked, often for legitimate reason.

Engaging in The Passion Test process with Sharon challenged me to make choices about what is really important to me. One might think this work could be done by oneself, but having Sharon as an objective and supportive guide, has steered and gently nudged me further than I might
have gone on my own, to prioritise and make choices that have produced surprising and valuable realisations. This has resulted in a new clarity and understanding, which in turn has lead to a renewed enthusiasm and motivation. I now know, and most importantly, feel, that the results we arrived at are right for me. I could not have achieved such a profound understanding on my own.

Where coaching is good and practical, I feel that The Passion Test really gets to the emotional core of what inspires. Through structured, logical and fairly robust questioning and prioritising of what is important to me, I now have confirmation of the best route to follow at this time. The Passion Test results hold a “freshly cleaned mirror up to your true nature” but will require some courage to implement change. A key element is that the process also provides disarmingly simple yet profound tools to align your decision making with your passions to keep you on track; ones that go way beyond the creation of a “To Do” list.

Working from the heart is working with passion. Working with passion and following your true path, eliminates drudgery of work and all negative associated aspects. In fact you become buoyant and full of positive energy knowing that all activities you engage with are aligned to the core of who you are and what you really want to do.

Martin Gilmore
Creative Industries, London.