Testimonial from Antonia

I have been taking a few days to allow the work that we have done together to sink in. No doubt this is just the beginning of the greater unfolding of the effects, but I thought I would write some feedback on what the process has helped with so far.

Firstly though I have been scratching my head, trying to remember how it is you arrived in my life. I know someone passed you on to me but I can’t remember who that was and how it came about! But there is no doubt that the timing was perfect and was in response of a deeper intention I had of coming closer to clarifying where I am at in life and where I want to go, in truth to myself. This in itself speaks of the power of the truth that amazing serendipity arrives in our life when we need it most, if we are open to receive what we have asked for.

But here is the RUB….. How do we know what we are asking for?

Sometimes the things that we ask for are guided by voices that are not authentically ours, programmed into us nudges from parents/school/society/media etc. setting a confusion of background noise in our mind that leads us into a life that is not authentically ours and therefore uncomfortable – stressful. Despite having taken myself on a conscious journey into the self, I have found myself floundering in the stressful times. Even though I have knowledge of a higher/better way of being I have found it difficult to navigate through these stormy waters. Knowing is not always enough, Being is the answer. BUT How?

Working with you has provided me with these answers. What actual practices I can engage with that help to guide myself through? The one to one sessions have been so valuable as in a gentle but firm way you have encouraged me to look at myself head on in your lovely shiny mirror. And what I discovered there is the life that is uniquely mine to live and when I saw this, it was followed by the awesome realisation of how beautiful it is. What this has done has allowed me to feel so much more comfortable with my mind, my life and a greater sense of confidence in myself.

Mainly because I have discovered that stormy though the seas may be. deep down I have a plan!!! That I am not being buffeted about randomly on some careless ocean, but I have the rudder and a pretty worthy little vessel to sail through joyfully! It is not calmer seas that I am after, as the thrill of sailing a storm is what life is made of, but knowing that I am the captain of my life – that is gold.

I can feel a sense of comfortable bubbling joy, relief and contentment. Thank you Sharon – and I thank the universe, spirit, myself – for bringing you into my world.

With love and gratitude, Antonia