Sustainable Happiness Book CoverCOMING OUT SOON!

“SUSTAINABLE HAPPINESS – Find Your Passion for Life!”

What if you knew the SECRETS to lasting happiness…

Happiness all too often remains elusive under today’s common way of thinking. More than 7 out of 10 adults in the UK now say that they are unhappy; in America, it is 8 out of 10 adults. We get unwittingly caught up in negative patterns of behaviour that disconnect us from living joyfully. The real tragedy is that most of us have the power to break out of the vicious circles RIGHT NOW and live with freedom and passion. You have the answers within you already; only you have forgotten how to access them. This is the reason you frustratingly end up back in the very situation you wanted to AVOID.


✔  In yet another job that gets you down 
✔ In another relationship that creates feelings of powerlessness 
✔  In an on-going health issue situation
✔ In the same woeful financial position that never seems to improve

You have a belief that things will improve when you change jobs, find the perfect partner, have better health, earn more money etc. Doesn’t happiness always seems to exist somewhere in the future and dependent on certain things happening first?
Nevertheless, some people do appear to get what they want without apparent effort and good things seem to come to them easily. Is it an illusion or have they tapped into something you don’t yet know about?

There are no illusions in this book, only revealing truths to attain the perfectly natural state of lasting happiness that we all crave. This isn’t about just being happy with what you’ve got; you can still have everything you desire such as wealth in abundance, loving relationships, and optimal health, it is just a matter of preparing the ground so that the seeds can grow. The contents of this book will dig deep to find the real YOU so that you can start to understand your true purpose. Are you ready for powerful joy to permeate into every part of your life?
In this book, you will discover how happiness is the natural state for everyone, yet why it appears to be so hard to achieve and even harder to sustain.
As you absorb each chapter, you will peel back the layers of your thinking to reveal a deeper understanding of the happiness you crave and how to connect to real inner joy.


Imagine your life now with the resources to:

• Find out what happiness truly means for YOU
• Understand what holds you back from being happy
• Learn how to always make the right choices for YOU
• Uncover your deepest and most meaningful passions
• Make the essential habit adjustments 
• Discover the key to lasting happiness
• Wake up to the happiness already there for you NOW – this will really open your eyes!!

All you need is a real desire for happiness. This book is bursting with revelations and practical exercises to help your happiness unfurl in a way that is natural… and sustainable!