Coaching you to happiness – The Transformation

“Ah but what’s the difference between a traditional coach and a transformational coach?” I hear you ask. Is it another fancy name for the same thing?
Traditional coaching generally focuses on outcomes through goal setting and taking the necessary actions required one step at a time, to meet those goals. The transformational approach will break your habitual ways of thinking to create shifts in your current paradigm. It will enable you to enhance your awareness, identify your true desires and set a plan of action to attain them.
So is transformational coaching for you? Here’s an easy way for you to decide.
Do any of these questions keep cropping up for you?
          • Who am I?
          • Why am I here?
          • What should I be doing with my life?
          • Why do I keep repeating the same mistakes?

These are BIG life questions which require new perspective and awareness before stepping into the truth of your answers. Think of it this way; you cannot solve the issues in your life with the same kind of thinking that created the problems in the first place. Here’s what Einstein had to say about that:
“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

You and I work together to create balance and harmony with your inner being so that you can make decisions about your life with confidence!

Author of the soon to be published eBook

“SUSTAINABLE HAPPINESS – Find Your Passion for Life!”

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